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About Aksara

Established in 2001, Aksara is quite simply the best place to shop for gifts, books and music in Jakarta. Taken from the Sanskrit word meaning “letters of the alphabet”, Aksara originally started as a bookstore, at a time when a good selection of imported books was impossible to find in Jakarta.

In its 10th year, Aksara took a step into a new direction, emphasizing the increase of non-book items in the product composition. Books remain a staple in Aksara, but the selection is now more focused on new bestsellers, business books, design and architecture books, fiction and literature classics, and quality children’s picture books. Meanwhile, the music section is enhanced with a selection of music merchandise, audio equipment and designer radios.

Aksara has been known and loved for its characteristic interior design and visual merchandising. Every element of the interior is geared to create an ambience that inspires and enlightens. Every display is thought out carefully to highlight a certain theme and create a fun shopping experience, in which customers encounter treasures in every corner as they browse.